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Fact Check 101 helps Wisconsin voters sort through political noise

ONALASKA, Wis.-- One of the most difficult things for a voter during campaign season is finding out if the message they're hearing from a candidate is actually true and where to go to get the facts.

Voters got some help during FactCheck 101 at the Onalaska library Monday. It's part of Wisconsin Public Television and Public Radio's "Wisconsin Vote Project."

It gives people a chance to ask questions about a commercial they may have seen or bring in a political flyer they received in the mail.

The seminar not only answered their questions, but also taught them how to fact-check politicians in the future. "It's kind of a daunting thing sometimes, you see in a :30 ad, you see the shady pictures and you hear the ominous tones and you see in the small fine print there maybe a certain source to the claim that was just made. Our goal is to help people get to that source, to get to it and then they make up their own minds whether they believe it or not," says Adam Schrager from Wisconsin Public Television.


You can see more at wisconsinvote.org/fact-check.

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