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Experts say La Crosse area could be in for bad mosquito season

LA CROSSE, Wis. - If the rivers around the La Crosse area rise any more, we could be in for a nasty mosquito season.

Experts say they're watching the river closely because it will be a deciding factor in how big a hatch non-disease-carrying mosquitoes have this year.

They breed in standing water, so if the river floods, that could lead to quite the hatch.

An even greater concern are the mosquitoes that carry diseases like the La Crosse virus or the West Nile virus.

Experts said they need the public's help to try and prevent those mosquitoes from hatching.

"It's really important for us and the public to think about containers where mosquitoes can breed, and making sure they don't have tires or buckets sitting out that hold water, because they will produce mosquitoes and very often the mosquitoes that can make people sick," said La Crosse County Health Department Vector Control Director Dave Geske.


Experts said some of the disease-carrying mosquitoes hatch early on in the summer and stay alive late into the fall.

They said it's important to use insect repellants to protect yourself when going outside.

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