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Experts: now is the time to prepare for filing tax returns

ONALASKA, Wis. - It's that time of the year to get ready to file your taxes. In less than two weeks, the IRS will begin processing returns.

Tax experts suggest people use this time to get all of their paperwork together to ease the process.

More than 80% of returns will be filed electronically and many through tax software. However, some of the details have changed after lawmakers passed legislation related to the fiscal cliff, meaning the programs may be out of date. "If you use packaged software, you want to make sure that after you install it you go through any kinds of updates that that software would have becasue there were changes to the tax laws that will effect the 2012 tax return," said the owner of Becker Tax and Bookkeeping Tammy Becker.


Also this year, the IRS is not giving a specific day for your return to show up. Instead, you should expect it within three weeks after it is processed.

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