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End of the road for La Crosse Chileda Classic

LA CROSSE, Wis. - A La Crosse tradition for the past three decades is coming to an end.

Runners will compete in the final Chileda Classic this July.

The race has been a fundraiser for Chileda for the past 32 years, but in recent years the number of runners has leveled off and they're not seeing the pledges they used to in the past.

Along with that, the city fees to hold the race have jumped from $50 to $3,800. Plus, when they first started they were one of the few races in La Crosse, and that has changed.

"People are finding that races, and not only races but mud runs and color runs and other kind of cool and up to date racing experiences are going on and that's something that we haven't done so we really think it's time for a change, it's time for something fresh," said Chileda President and CEO Ruth Wiseman.

Chileda serves children and young adults with special needs. The final race will be run July 6th during Riverfest.

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