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DWD Deputy Secretary visits Trane Co. to talk apprenticeships

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The deputy secretary of the Department of Workforce Development visited Trane Co. in La Crosse Wednesday. The focus of his visit was the importance of apprenticeships.

He says an apprenticeship is a good way for workers to get training in a specific field, and set them up for a life-long career.

Trane has done apprenticeships for years and they are now partnering with Western Technical college to further the program.

It comes at an important time as the state is facing a large number of retirements in the near future.


"Think about it, a guy or a gal who's retiring from Trane with 30, 40 years of experience, they might not even have a high school diploma but they've got 30 to 40 years of experience and all those skill sets, and young people coming out of high school today don't necessarily have those skill sets and need the training, apprenticeship is one way to bridge that," said Deputy DWD Secretary Jonathan Barry.

Governor Scott Walker's budget proposal includes permanent state funding for apprenticeship programs.

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