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Dozens of Lutheran congregations unite to serve their communities

LA CROSSE, Wis. - 74 Lutheran churches in the La Crosse Area Synod are participating in "Generous Love, Generous Lives."

It's an annual event that used to take place in Decorah, Iowa, but because of logistical issues, it's taking place in every congregation's backyard.

All of the churches will hold a unified worship service on Sunday, then go out into their own communities doing a service project fitting for the area. "If anybody knows any of our congregations for any reasons at all, we'd like it to be because we're a generous group of people, it's a generous congregation, because that's how we best share who our God is," said pastor Libby Howe.

Details on the congregations participating and the planned service projects can be fount at lacrosseareasynod.org.

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