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Dog survives fall into raw sewage at Westby plant

WESTBY, Wis. --  A Westby dog is lucky to be alive after falling into raw sewage. 

An operator noticed a white dog Thursday snooping around at the Westby Sewage Plant.  He called police and the two tried to catch the dog, but that's when she decided to jump into the sewage treatment area of the plant.


Thankfully, the officer and sewer operator were able to fish the dog out.  "We took him in after we caught him and gave him a little warm bath and washed him off and sent him to the pound," says Sewer Operator Eric Miller.

"Certainly she had several guardian angels with the employee from the Westby Sewer Plant and then also the officer who brought her in and Lina of course because she came from Westby so Angellina," says Lisa Senior from the Vernon County Humane Society.

That's right, the Humane Society decided to name the dog Angellina.  Because she's still thin and weak, the humane society will take her to the vet Friday to be checked over.

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