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DNR reminding residents to E-Cycle their old electronics

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says they're seeing a growing number of old electronics along the roadside, in fields and wooded areas since Christmas.

Dumping electronics is against the law, so is throwing them away in the garbage. If you have old electronics you should drop them off at an electronic collection site like La Crosse County.

"Wisconsin is currently a leader in the country for recycling electronics but we still do need to do better because we still find them in land fills on a regular basis which, that is not where they belong, they belong at recyclers," said Anna McCabe of the Wisconsin DNR.

One of those recyclers is Dynamics Recycling in La Crosse. They take used electronics from places like the county, Habitat for Humanity's Restore and Harter's Quick Cleanup and either reuse or recycle them. Even if you don't want to watch a TV anymore there are still a lot of useful components.


"Wire gets sent to wire choppers and reused back in manufacturing, the circuit boards with precious metal get smelted down for non (inaudible) precious metal recovery, plastics get reground back into plastic reground injected back into plastic products, metals get sent back to local foundries so basically everything here gets recycled," said Dynamic Recycling's Business Manager Miles Harter.

The DNR has set up a website with a list of places you can drop off old electronics.

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