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Details of La Crosse Police officer's termination agreement released

News 8 obtained report through open records request

Iverson Separation Granted

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The details of a separation agreement between a La Crosse Police officer and the city of La Crosse are being released.

News 8 filed an open records request to obtain the documents.

La Crosse Police Officer Alan Iverson is currently on paid administrative leave accused of making threats against his family back in February.

He plead no contest to a disorderly conduct charge.

The separation agreement calls for Iverson to turn in a letter of resignation stating, "I am resigning from my employment as a Police Officer with the City of La Crosse Police Department effective November 8, 2014." He will not be able to contest his termination.

According to the agreement, Iverson also has to relinquish any officer duties. "It is further understood and agreed that Officer Iverson is prohibited from performing or assuming the duties of a police officer for the City of La Crosse Police Department ... or from being on police department premises during this period unless his presence is expressly authorized by the police chief."

Iverson also will have to use any vacation, compensatory, and holiday hours, as well as sick days prior to his November 8th release. At all other times, Iverson can be placed on paid administrative leave at the discretion of the chief of police.

Officer Iverson also agrees he will not be considered for future employment in any capacity with the city.

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