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Design process begins for new Northside Elementary

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The design is underway for La Crosse's new Northside Elementary school.

A team of parents, community members, and school officials met for the first time Thursday. They're working on the nearly 16 million dollar building that will be built where the old Franklin Elementary building stands.

Voters approved the funding to combine Roosevelt, Franklin and Coulee Montessori this past November.

The design team will be holding a number of forums over the next few months. They say it should be an easy topic to hear from everyone. "Everybody's been to a school, that's the nice thing about elementary schools, everybody in the entire country has been to an elementary school and has opinions about what works and what doesn't, so we as a staff are collecting the information," said Northside Elementary School Principal Laura Huber.


As a new way to get input from the teachers in the district, they set up a board on the social network Pinterest. Teachers are pinning ideas ranging from classroom styles, office space, and even the bathrooms.

Officials plan to have a design to the school board in March and unveil the new building by fall 2014.

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