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Decision expected on pleas in fatal fire case

A teen from southwestern Wisconsin will soon learn whether he can withdraw his guilty pleas following a fire that killed his three nephews.

Prosecutors have accused 19-year-old Jeremy L. Wand of Argyle of helping his brother, Armin Wand III, set a house fire last year. The fire killed Armin Wand's three sons, ages 3 to 7. It also injured Armin Wand's wife and killed her unborn baby.

Jeremy Wand pleaded guilty in June to three felonies. But he now says he was pressured into taking a plea deal, and his sister-in-law has also recanted statements implicating the brothers in the fire.

A judge will decide Thursday whether Wand can withdraw his pleas. If not, Wand will be sentenced later that day.

Armin Wand was sentenced to three consecutive life terms.

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