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Debate over common core standards in Wisconsin schools

Common Core Debate

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A hot topic for education right now in Wisconsin is the Common Core education standards.

The standards were adopted in 2010 by Wisconsin and apply to K-12 math and language arts.

It's being challenged by some Republicans including Governor Scott Walker. They believe the standards are not rigorous enough.

However, State Superintendent Tony Evers and many local school officials say they're working and that the Common Core should stay.

"These are standards that are internationally benchmarked. They're recognized on the math side academics from all across the state, including this university (UW-L) have said these math standards are absolutely what we need our students to have," said Evers.

Earlier this week, a speaker at Lincoln Middle School laid out his problems with the Common Core.

Duke Pesta is an English professor at UW-Oshkosh and says the standards are politically driven and will set our kids further behind other countries than they already are. "In every high achieving math country in the world, algebra starts in 7th, if not 6th grade. Under Common Core math, in many instances, algebra is pushed to high school, which means our kids in high school won't be able to get calculus and other advanced math, the kind of things that would prepare them to do high level of mathematics in college," said Pesta.

Wisconsin is also part of the conversation developing standards for science.

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