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Deadline approaching to get your pet licensed

Pet Licensing

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - If you own a cat or dog, you're running out of time to get them licensed before possibly facing a hefty fine.

March 31st is the deadline to license pets before getting hit with a late fee.

State and local law requires every dog and cat to be licensed by January 30th of each year. However, in our area there's a grace period before you receive a late fee.

After the 31st, owners could be fined and be forced to pay much more than a price of a license. "The fees have recently just increased so a fine for failure to license a pet is $272 dollars. So that's another huge reason to get current with your licensing so the penalty is very steep for failure to license your pet," said Humane Officer Supervisor Kathy Kasakaitas.

To license your pet, just head to your local treasurer, clerk's office or humane society and make sure to bring proof of a rabies vaccination for your pet along with your I.D.

The cost is between $5 and $21 depending on your animal.

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