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Daughter accused of stealing $137K from elderly father

LA CROSSE, Wis. - A 46-year-old daughter is accused of stealing more than $137,000 from her elderly father from July 2008 to September 2012.

According to the criminal complaint, Debra Hollowitch offered to help take care of her father's finances after his wife died in July 2008. He agreed it would be a good idea for her to help him because his wife had taken care of their finances, the complaint states, but he did not give Debra permission to write herself checks or take out cash to pay her bills.

In September 2012, the victim terminated his daughter's power of attorney privileges, according to the complaint. When the victim went to the bank to withdraw some money he asked for an account balance for all of his accounts and realized there was a significant amount of money missing. The complaint states when the victim asked his daughter where all the money went, she did not have an explanation and "pretty much fell much off the face of the earth after that."

Investigators showed the victim some of the checks drawn from his account. He told them the signature on the bottom was not his and it was forged by his daughter.

The victim also told investigators at one point his daughter convinced him to do a reverse mortgage on his house and later transfer tens of thousands of dollars to a credit union with ATM access.

Debra Hollowitch has been charged with theft-movable property >$10,000. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 7. 


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