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Crews working to fix potholes in La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The roads are showing typical signs of winter wear meaning potholes are popping up all over town.

With the water freezing and thawing, water is seeping into cracks in the road which leads to more potholes.

A road crew was out on Lang Dr. on the north side of town Wednesday using a sandy gravel mixture that reacts with water to help fill the potholes.


Officials say that's the only thing they can do to help the problem in this weather. "The water can't flow freely to the gutter, streets remain wet for much longer periods, and again that aids in the creating of potholes, which we do have quite a few of right now," said La Crosse Street Superintendent Randy Hinze.

The crew will be out filling potholes whenever the streets are dry.

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