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Cranberry growers thankful for USDA's change of heart

TOMAH, Wis. - Governor Scott Walker and cranberry growers are pleased with the USDA's decision to keep cranberries as an option on school lunch menus.

The USDA reversed its ruling that would have forced schools to reduce or eliminate cranberries from school menus because of the added sugar some drinks may contain.

Governor Walker, who drinks cranberry juice almost daily, urged the USDA to reconsider the ruling.


Cranberries are widely considered a top nutritional food. "We think and we know that we have a product that is very healthy for the consumer, they can consume it in a lot of different ways. It contains a lot of vitamins, contains a lot of vital nutrients that have all kinds of health benefits. So we want to make sure we were on the healthy food list. That was important," said Tom Lochner from the Wisconsin Cranberry Association.

Wisconsin produces about 57% of the nation's cranberry crop generating $330 million each year.

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