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County has potential buyer for Park Plaza property

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Prime property along the highway connecting La Crosse and La Crescent could soon be out of the county's hands.

An offer has been made for the Park Plaza property on Barron Island.

The county has owned the property since 2001 after the owners of the then-Yacht Club Resorts couldn't pay the more than one million dollars in back- taxes due on the property.

Since then, the county has spent $700,000 to clean up the area. That's money officials expect to get back from the sale and the TIF district the city set up on the property.


More importantly, the County Administrator wants to see the entrance to our community improved. "We're optimistic that we're going to be able to come to an agreement soon and be able to bring that back to the public and make a change in what's now a vacant lot," said Administrator Steve O'Malley.

Details about the buyer are not available since they are still in negotiations. Before a sale is final, it has to go through a full county board vote.

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