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Council approves two referendums for April ballot


LA CROSSE, Wis. -- April's Ballot in La Crosse is shaping up to be a full one.  The city council approved adding two referendums Thursday night.

One of them asks voters if the number of billboards in the city should be cut-back and if  the city should regulate or even ban electronic billboards.

It would be an advisory referendum meaning it wouldn't automatically become law if passed.  Right now, there is a moratorium on digital billboards in La Crosse.

The other referendum approved for the ballot is about the size of the city council.

Voters would be asked if the council should be trimmed down from 17 members to 13, matching the number of county board districts in the city. 

The County Board voted last year to go from 35 to 29 supervisors.  Four of the seats eliminated came from the city, but the city council decided to keep all 17 members.

That means the city and county don't have matching districts right now which could lead to some confusion for residents on where they should be voting.

The council size and billboard referendums will join the one asking voters if La Crosse should hire a city administrator on the ballot in April.  Unlike the two referendums voted on Thursday night, the administrator referendum will be binding meaning whatever voters decide will be the final decision.

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