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Coulee Cap offers up office space to displaced Organic Valley workers

WESTBY, Wis. - A Westby organization is reaching out to help Organic Valley employees displaced by last month's fire at their headquarters.

CouleeCap has freed up extra office space and is offering it to Organic Valley employees.

CouleeCap moved more than half of its staff to free up 8,900 square feet of space. That's enough for up to 65 organic valley employees who are expected to use the space for about a year.

CouleeCap says when they saw the damage caused by the fire, they knew they wanted to help. "A lot of our staff have family, friends, coworkers, neighbors who work at Organic Valley so it just felt like the right thing to do to help out, we're a small community," said Kadie Brueggen.

When Coulee Cap made the offer, they weren't expecting anything in return. However, Organic Valley is offering to pay rent, and that money will help Coulee Cap with its mission to fund programs that help people in need.

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