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Controlled burn held near La Crosse Co. landfill

ONALASKA, Wis. - 30 acres of grassland was set on fire Friday near the La Crosse Co. landfill. It was part of a controlled burn by the La Crosse Co. Solid Waste program.

The burn was an attempt to enhance the local habitat and vegetation by getting rid of invasive weeds and grass.  It's also a chance for the county to inspect the area for erosion that needs repair.

They have been planning the burn for a while, but the weather wasn't cooperating.

The burn peaked the interested of other communities as well. "A lot of people have taken interest in this and applying it to other landfill sights, we have a couple of representatives coming out today from various groups that want to see how this is done, how it's performed, lot of people are looking at this as a contol technique that they can apply in their communities," said La Crosse Co. Solid Waste Director Henry Koch.

The county had to be extra careful because of Friday's high winds. If at any time the wind got too strong or shifted direction, the burn would have been put out right away.

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