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Company hired to cut down ash trees, tries to save some

LA CROSSE, Wis. - The company hired to cut down hundreds of ash trees in La Crosse is now trying to save some.

Today's Tree Service adopted 13 Ash Trees in Riverside Park.

The company and its owner are paying to treat the trees against the emerald ash borer. The invasive pest was recently found in La Crosse and quickly kills the ash trees it comes into contact with.

After seeing hundreds of trees cut down in city parks, the owner said it was time to do his part to protect the trees.


"Once it gets here, it progresses so fast it's hard to control. It's just we're at the beginning stages now, but 3-4 years in this, it could be really bad that we're losing hundreds of trees a year," said Today's Tree Service owner Jeff Wiedman.

Wiedman plans to inject the trees every year as long as they are still standing.

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