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Community raises awarness about foster care

Need for area foster care familes contiunes to grow

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - More than 40% of foster children in the La Crosse area are not guaranteed a home right now.

With May being National Foster Care Month, the need for foster care placement  is growing each day. More and more foster children in our own community are in need of families to take care of them. Because of the lack of support, many of them are forced to relocate out of the area 

Rich Treakle and his family have been fostering children for more than 14 years. He says they could, they would take in every child who needs a home. 

"You gotta help one another, and I tell ya,  when you get some of these kids in there and see how loving they are. I swear to God, they'll be just like your own kids. I mean we had a couple of them, we wish we could have adopted them if we would have been younger, because they're great kids," said Treakle.

It's not only families who can think about foster care options, single parents and community members are encouraged to consider becoming a foster parent as well.

If you would like more information about this event or information on foster care contact Liza Collins La Crosse County Human Services-Family & Children's Section- Foster Care Program: (608) 789-7880.

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