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Commission denies CapX2020 petitions

MADISON, Wis. -- Wisconsin utility regulators have denied petitions to stop a power line project that will run through La Crosse, Trempealeau and Buffalo counties.

The Wisconsin Public Service Commission denied 14 petitions this week against the CapX2020 project, which would put up about 48 miles of power lines, some of which would run through La Crosse County.

The PSC gave final approval to the project in late May.

Click here to read the final order by the PSC.

The power line will cross Highway 53 to avoid a future development site. The proposed project would replace power poles that are 80 to 90-feet high with 150 foot poles.


The 11 utility companies that are part of the project, including Xcel Energy and Dairyland Power Cooperative, say the line is needed to get energy to a population that has grown and is using more energy since the last infrastructure upgrade 30 years ago.

Opponents, including the Citizens Energy Task Force, say CapX2020 is not needed. They say studies show there is plenty of energy in western Wisconsin and that the power lines, which are one hundred feet tall, or more, would harm habitat and scenic views along the Mississippi River.

The price tag on the project is estimated to be more than $200 million. Xcel Energy says construction will not begin until late 2013.

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