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Clown sightings at UW-La Crosse leave some students uneasy

Clown sightings at UW-La Crosse leave students uneasy

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A string of clown sightings across the country, including in La Crosse, is creating uneasy feelings for some people.

UW-La Crosse says they've had at least a couple confirmed sightings on campus.

One was in a residence hall and another in the school's parking ramp.

Students say they've seen the pictures go viral online, and while no violent incidents have been reported, they say the phenomenon is still unsettling.

"Freaked out. I don't walk alone anymore," said student Ashley Burke.

"It's true. I think it's kind of crazy that we were hearing about it nationally, but now that it's here and we're seeing videos and my hometown is 10 minutes away and there was one there too and that's a really small town so just to think that they're coming this close is kind of odd," said student Jordan Peterson.

University officials say they haven't been able to verify all of the clown sightings that have been reported to them.

They say so far none of the encounters have seemed malicious, but they're prepared to hold those responsible accountable if that changes.

"Certainly if there is a safety threat by any of the individuals involved we're going to respond much more severely and hold accountability for any behavioral violations that might appear that actually cause a safety threat to campus," said UWL Dean of Students Paula Knudson.

University officials say they were able to identify and have a discussion with the students responsible for one of the clown sightings.

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