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Clay Matthews chosen as 'Mama's Boy' for 2013 NFL season

Matthews to star in upcoming Chunky soup TV ads

GREEB BAY, WI - Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews has been chosen as Chunky soup's newest "Mama's Boy."

As part of the "Sacks for Soup" program, each time Matthews sacks an opposing team's quarterback during the 2013 NFL regular season, Campbell's Chunky will donate 1,000 cans of soup to a local food bank in the opposing team's city. Campbell's Chunky will also donate 1,000 cans to a food bank in Green Bay.

In addition, the company will also make a $1,000 donation to Clay's charity, CM3 Charitable Fund, for each sack that Clary records throughout the regular season.

Matthews and his teammates Casey Hayward and John Kuhn will star in three unique "Mama's Boy" TV commercials. As Hayward and Kuhn peer into Clay's locker, they find a special room that his mom built to serve him his pre-game Chunky soup.

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