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City puts deadline on owner of La Crosse Municipal Boat Harbor

City Gives Harbor Owner Deadline

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A strict deadline is in place for the owner of the La Crosse Municipal Boat Harbor to get his finances in order.

City officials say Steven Mills has a lengthy history of late payments, defaulting, and failing to maintain the property dating back to 2002.

The Board of Public Works gave him 10 days to make good on his past due water bill and any personal property taxes he may owe.

He also has 30 days to secure insurance for the property. "The insurance, which is the most significant because without insurance, if the city owns the property, if something happens, the city taxpayers would be on the hook for that," said Mayor Tim Kabat.

Back in October, the city gave Mills 60 days to get things in order. That first deadline has come and gone and Mills knows this could be his last chance with the city. 

"I'm doing what I can do here, so hopefully I'll get it all wrapped up. I know they want it done. Sorry, I'm sorry I didn't get it done in time, but working at it. If I can just get a little more time, I'll be good to go. I just need to catch up and then hopefully things will be good from there,"said Mills.

Houseboat owners who live in the harbor have supported Mills in the past and had asked the city last October to give him time to get caught up on his payments.

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