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City officials deny first applications for waivers from rental moratorium

LA CROSSE, WI (WKBT) - For the first time since La Crosse introduced a ban on converting single family homes into rental properties four months ago, the city denied its first applications for a waiver.

The six month moratorium was created to stop the growing trend.

The Judiciary and Administration Committee said "no" Tuesday night to applications of homes that are currently owner-occupied and not serving as rental properties.

However, the committee approved ones with renters that weren't registered as rental units with the city.

The Committee Chair says it proves the moratorium is serving its purpose by stopping the conversions and bringing properties up to code.

"A lot of landlords thought they were registered and they didn't realize that they had to go through this process, so for properties that have been rentals, and I think almost all, if not all that have gone through here have been rentals, they've just been given the waiver," said J&A Committee Chair Bob Seaquist.


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