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City of La Crosse to back YMCA on bike share feasibility study

LA CROSSE, WI - Local organizations and businesses are teaming up with La Crosse to see if the city can be even more bike friendly.

The Bike Share program would allow residents to swipe a credit card at a station, grab a bike, and then pedal around town.

Programs like this are running in Madison, the Twin Cities and other cities around the world.

Monday, a city committee approved backing the YMCA to study if it's possible here. "There's not too many cities our size that even have attempted bike share, so that, there's only one that we've found so far," said City Planner Larry Kirch.

The larger cities use this program to cut down on traffic congestion and need for parking.

People spearheading the study say it would be more than that for our community. "You've got the option for people to get around a little bit more easily for meetings and create less hassle for them to get where they need to go as well as get people to come into the community for tourism," said Matthew Christen from the Y's Pioneering Healthier Communities.

The $10,0000 feasibility study should take about six months.


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