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City of La Crosse receives grant to replace some ash trees

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Help is coming to replace some of the ash trees cut down in La Crosse recently.

The city received a grant for a little more than $4,300 from the La Crosse Community Foundation.

The money will be used to replace the trees at Pettibone Park that are being cut down because of the emerald ash borer.

The dollar amount isn't enough to replace all of the lost trees, but it will be enough for the city to lay out a plan to spruce up the park. "We want to actually leave some areas open, some fields open, for some use by soccer whatever, maybe riverfest wants to come down here, and do areas that you can do things so it's not speckled, or salt and pepper trees all over the park," said Park and Rec Superintendent Gar Amunson.

There is no timeline to start the planting.

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