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City looks at complete street before construction

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - When La Crosse officials look into a road project they look at all it's needs. Not just the road's condition, but also the sidewalks and storm system. The complete street.   

The Green Complete Streets ordinance takes a look at your street as a whole and how best to improve it through projects like repaving roads, and remodeling sidewalks and bike lanes.

"The complete street is designing your street for all aspects of traffic. Walking, biking, as well as vehicular traffic," La Crosse assistant city engineer Bernard Lenz said.


It's not just traffic that the ordinance is concerned with. The city is also looking to add some color to its roads by adding trees, and other green spaces. All of these decisions are made at once before your street is ripped up.

"I think it just makes a lot of sense to look at these projects though and try to be as comprehensive as possible again to be as least disruptive to the property owners so they only have their streets or their sidewalks or driveways tore up just once," La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat said.

There isn't always enough funding for a Green Complete Street however. There is only about $50,000 in the cities budget for complete streets.

The city unrolls street projects over a period of time. Some projects are held for following years, with the hope that more money will be available.

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