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City considering permits for Oktoberfest parade spots

LA CROSSE, WI - The days of people camping out to reserve a spot for the Oktoberfest parade could soon be over.

The city is considering setting aside certain areas of public property for parade viewing and then selling permits so people can reserve the spots.

It's an idea so people won't have to camp out for days. They can show up an hour before the parade and they'll have a spot reserved for them.

There are three areas being considered for permit use; one near the La Crosse River bridge and two others where Copeland Ave. and Rose St. split.

The city says the proposed change is all about safety. "We call it camping, but sometimes its just a person sitting on a lawn chair, but they're out there all night and we think there is a very real danger of perhaps at two o'clock in the morning a car jumping the curb and running somebody over out there," said Asst. Public Works Director Robert Haines.

Copeland Park is not in the proposal. That decision would be up to the La Crosse Parks Board.


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