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Christmas baby coincidences confound parents

LA CROSSE, Wis. - It's not exactly a manger.

It's a hospital room at Gundersen Lutheran.

"No, there was no big star hanging overhead leading the way, no," said Mary Kulmaczewski, holding her baby girl in her arms.

"I think we had a lot of green lights," said her husband, Joseph Kulmaczewski.

On Christmas Day, Mary and Joseph Kulmaczewski celebrated a very special birth -- the birth of their daughter, Lucy Noelle.

Born a month early, the coincidence was far from her parents' minds as they raced to the hospital on Christmas morning.

"One of the nurses said, 'Well, isn't that neat that Mary and Joseph had their baby on Christmas?'" said Mary Kulmaczewski.


Just down the hall, another Christmas baby was born.

Joseph Curtis Nevsimal was 10 days late, but made it just in time for his mom's birthday.

"It just amazes me, like, what are the odds of that ever happening?" said Brittany Nevsimal.

That's right. A Christmas baby had a Christmas baby.

The good news for dad Josh Nevsimal is it'll be really hard to forget either of their birthdays.

"I'm sure I'm going to spoil him year-round anyways," he said.

Call it luck, call it coincidence, call it fate.

One thing is for sure -- for these two families, Christmas will never be the same.

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