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Catholic Charities helping people pay overdue utility bills

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- Catholic charities is looking for help to keep people's electricity running.

The winter moratorium was officially over on Sunday meaning utility companies can now cut off people's energy supply if they're behind on their bills. Now, Catholic Charities is asking for donations to help out.


Last year, the organization served more than 500 households by giving out close to $50,000 in support.

The aid program also includes financial counseling. "We do a ten brief minute assessment looking at their basic demographics, looking at their basic information as far as income goes and what their problem is. We're scheduling them with appointments with our financial wellness advocates to then further look into their situation, really hone in on the budget, look at why they're in the situation they're in and what assistance can we give them," says Mary Jacobson from Catholic Charities.

The director of the program says there are always more people requesting help than they have the funds to serve.   

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