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Cars slide off slushy roads

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Slushy snowfall had drivers sliding off the roads on Sunday.

Law enforcement officers responded to dozens of crashes in the La Crosse area.

National Weather Service meteorologist Tim Halbach said Sunday's snow was very high on water content. That made roads slushy and wet.

It was the first day since last winter that Nathan Poke has had to brush snow off his car.

"Winter finally found La Crosse," said Poke.

But with winter come winter driving conditions.


"The snow is the same every year. It's going to be wet and slippery, and you've got to drive a little bit slower, and be more cautious, and maybe just leave a little bit earlier than you do," said Poke.

This first big snowfall marks the beginning of State Trooper Rob Koenen's least favorite time of year.

"The worst part of my job, in my opinion, is working the interstate during bad road conditions. It gets very dangerous out here," said Koenen.

He responded to accidents all day long on Sunday.

"A lot of run-offs. They just go into the ditch and can't get back out again," said Koenen. "Then we have to respond. And when we get there, the tow trucks get there, and everything else, you're putting more people at risk."

Koenen said the best thing a driver who gets into an accident can do is call 911 and just stay put.

"Please, if possible, stay with the vehicle and stay in the vehicle. I see people walking around their vehicle looking at damage and stuff. And they're putting themselves at a greater risk standing outside their vehicle because, if they went in the ditch, somebody else may go in the same spot into the ditch and hit them," said Koenen.

A lot of roads that were slushy Sunday could be slick for drivers commuting to work on Monday. Koenen said drivers should extra caution out on the roads, even after the snow stops falling.

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