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Car dealerships have big job after snowfall

ONALASKA, Wis. - Many people had to scrape off their cars Friday morning after the latest snowfall, but imagine having to clear off hundreds of cars. That was the case for car dealerships all over the area.

Dahl Auto in Onalaska had about 170 cars to clear off.

The process takes between two and three hours, and includes everyone from sales and lot attendants to managers.

And being a car dealer in Wisconsin, they have to deal with all kinds of snowfall. "The heavy snow is the worst, it's trying to figure out where to put it all, get it moved, and then that's usually the toughest, getting it off the cars, I mean the ice is not fun at all either, the fluffy snow is not too bad, it moves pretty quick," said Onalaska Dahl General Manager Vinnie Pontius.

It's not just clearing cars, they also have to plow the lot which means each car has to be moved to make way for the plow.

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