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Business surging in downtown La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Downtown La Crosse could have about eight new stores soon. Some could be open as early as this summer others are already in business.

Downtown La Crosse has seen some open buildings recently, but now more and more of those spaces are beginning to fill.

"It's been an exciting time for downtown La Crosse because there are a lot of new businesses looking at opening up in some of our empty storefronts," Downtown Main Street's Executive Director Robin Moses said.

She said that this year seems to bring more interest in new business.

"I think that there is a surge in the economy. And I think people are having more confidence in the economy," Moses said.

City Planning for La Crosse agrees. They also said that there is an increased number of people living and working in the downtown area. Bigger businesses have brought in more employees and those employees want places to go when their downtown.

"I think the economy is a big one, but the demand of employees being downtown, the increase of people living downtown. There is an increased demand for those services being downtown," La Crosse City Planning and Economic Development Administrator Amy Peterson said.


The economy rising and the number of people growing is a good indication of growth, but the current downtown businesses are also doing a good job of attracting people, and new businesses.

"It's a fun place to be when it's not 30 below. But there's always something going on. That's the kind of synergy that a downtown needs to make it prosper and flourish and maybe to have a surge of new businesses coming in," Peterson said.

"We've got great restaurants we've got great shops and other people are noticing that. And so when they're thinking about where they want to open their business they're choosing downtown La Crosse," Moses said.

Moses also said that she has a few more businesses that are not yet committed, but looking at some of the available storefronts. So by the time summer rolls around we could have even more businesses opening.

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