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Black River Falls woman accused of threatening Gov. Walker's family

BLACK RIVER FALLS, Wis. (AP) - A Black River Falls woman has been charged with threatening Gov. Scott Walker's family.

A criminal complaint says 52-year-old Dana Sartor called the governor's office April 16 and in slurred speech left a voicemail threatening to shoot Walker's wife and children.

Capitol police investigated and traced the call to Sartor's house. Sartor told police she knew as soon as she left the message that she should not have done that. Sartor told police she did not know why she left the message and sshe would never actually go out and do it, the complaint states.

Sartor told investigators she had recently written the governor to tell him she thought he was doing a good job. Sartor said she was sorry and apologized and stated she would not call again or write any more letters, according to the complaint.

Sartor was charged in Jackson County Court with telephone harassment. She's scheduled to appear in court on Monday morning.

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