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Bid for Franklin Elementary demolition approved

LA CROSSE, Wis. - One of La Crosse's north side elementary schools will be standing for only about two more weeks.

School officials approved a $137,000 bid for the school's demolition.

There's no definite timeline, but it's estimated the building will start to come down before August. The three week process will also prepare the site for the new Northside Elementary School.

But before that starts, officials need to get everything out of Franklin that they can.


"If you go through the building, you'll see that we've removed basically everything that can possibly be used, we were doing that as late as yesterday and then we're going to be removing a few things we can use at other sites tomorrow and the next few days as well," said the district's Buildings and Grounds Supervisor Joe Ledvina.

Construction on the new school should begin in September, and then be ready to open for Fall of next year.

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