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Bell rings for final time at Roosevelt Elementary

Roosevelt ends its final school year

Bell rings for final time at Roosevelt Elementary

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - Summer vacation is here for the La Crosse School District, and for one elementary school, that means the bell has rung for the last time.

Northside Elementary's Roosevelt building ended its final school year in session as part of the La Crosse School District Tuesday. Next fall, all of the students will attend the new Northside Elementary School.

"I'm gonna miss the playground, the doors, the libraries, our classrooms," said student Keenan Hass.

Among the things that will be missed the most are the retiring teachers.

"I think they'll miss their history here, and knowing that this is a building that generations have enjoyed," said Principal Laura Huber.

Principal Huber says most of the returning teachers have their classrooms packed up. They'll be able to move into the new building when construction wraps up in August.

As for Roosevelt, the district is looking to sell it and get the building back on the tax rolls.

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