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Barrett campaigns in La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett spent his day campaigning here in Western Wisconsin just a few weeks ahead of the Wisconsin governor recall election.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett made three stops, starting with an event in La Crosse.

He set up in the back yard of a home on 23rd Street and took questions from community members.

Barrett said its a way to hear directly from people about their concerns.


He also used the opportunity to again attack the Gov. Scott Walker for a recently released video clip from a documentary.

It in, Walker can be heard telling a billionaire donor that when it comes to unions, his plan is to quote-divide and conquer.

"We know that this was not an accident, that he decided he was going to divide and conquer. We need a governor that is going to try and bring the state back together. He has had 16 months to divide and conquer this state. I will end the civil war that he started. For me, this is all about restoring trust," said Barrett.

Walker said he has not said anything different about his plans privately, than what he has shared with the Wisconsin public.

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