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Badger fans flock to "Work" in Dallas

DALLAS, Tex. (WKBT) - The Wisconsin Badgers are getting ready to take on Kentucky in the Final Four Saturday, and Badgers' fans are already taking over Texas.

Many fans of Bucky are finding a home at "Work."  That's the actual name of a bar in Dallas where Wisconsin fans go and the PBR flows.

It also has some of the best brisket in the Dallas area - the pit master is known for it and jokes that Wisconsinites eat almost as much brisket as they drink beer.

Joking aside, they say you can't mess with the fans. They regularly take over the bar, and they have every intention of doing that this weekend. "They are wild and crazy and they are intense and they don't hold anything back. I have several good friends from Wisconsin so I've basically grown up around Wisconsin fans," said pit master Doug Pickering.

"And the fact that we're able to pretty much outdraw local football and basketball fans here on a regular basis pretty much says a lot about Wisconsin and a lot about the fans."

"Work" is the official UW bar.  Every alumni group headed to Dallas is planning a trip there over the weekend.

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