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Awkward videos shown at 'Found Footage Festival'

LA CROSSE, Wis. - As more and more of our VHS tapes are sold at garage sales or thrift stores, the video collection of the 'Found Footage Festival' grows.

The festival was at UW-La Crosse Monday night.

It started with two Wisconsin natives who stumbled upon an unintentionally awkward fast food restaurant training video about 10 years ago.

You may or may not agree, unintentionally awkward things tend to be pretty funny.

So the two festival creators took that video and other 'found videos' never meant to be seen by large audiences, re-cut them, and started showing their creations around the country.

It's how their small idea became a comedy phenomenon.

Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher say the range of videos they use for the festival cover a wide range.  Videos titled 'How to Care for Your Pet Ferret' to 'How to Lasso' to exercise videos, safety videos, and home movies have been used in their comedy show.

Some of the videos used have come from fans.

"People come up to us all the time and ask if we've seen a video, and they'll bring us a video," says Pickett.

"For us, it's like 'show and tell' every night," adds Prueher, "we found this great video and we just can't wait to show it to people."

Both Pickett and Prueher jokingly say their parents are still confused about what they do for a living.

To learn more about their work, head to their website.

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