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Assisted living residents receive cassette players, thank community

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Ninety-seven-year-old Ethel Lerum can now listen to her father play the fiddle on cassette thanks to donations from people all around the country.

On April 23, residents at Benedictine Manor assisted living began asking for cassette player donations.

Benedictine Manor Wellness Director Jenny Knudson says the next day, calls and donations started coming in from the Coulee Region, and as far as New York and Texas.

"We had a lady from San Antonio, Texas, call us and say, 'If you need any more tapes, give me a call and I'd be willing to buy them for you,'" Knudson said.


Benedictine Manor received about 15 larger tape players and about ten smaller cassette players, which is Knudson says the residents are grateful to be able to use.

"The tapes are so much fun," Lerum said with a big smile on her face. "I don't know what I'm putting on because I can't read them, and all at once I have something that I've recorded long ago and it's just so wonderful."

Lerum, who is originally from Ferryville, has more than 250 cassette tapes, which include music, sermons and irreplaceable tapes of her father playing the fiddle.

"Wherever I'd go, there was music," Lerum said smiling.

Knudson says some Benedictine Manor volunteers help residents use the cassette players because it can be difficult for them to push the buttons if they have arthritis in their fingers. To volunteer, you can contact the Benedictine Manor at (608) 788-9870.

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