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Assistant district attorneys could see pay increase

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Prosecutors across the state would see a pay raise under the governor's budget.

More than seven million dollars has been set aside for raises for assistant D.A.'s and public defenders.

La Crosse county has six assistant D.A.'s that haven't seen a pay raise in about 5 years. The raises would be on a 17-step system depending on experience.

La Crosse Co. District Attorney Tim Gruenke says the raises would help retain prosecutors across the state. "Being a prosecutor is not something that people can just pick up right away, it takes a couple of years to get some experience, and once people have experience you hate to see them go, so this will help keep people here longer cause they'll know what they'll be making in the future and kind of make plans and it might be easier to attract people for this career because we can tell them, here is what you are going to be making instead of this kind of unknown."

Gruenke also says the raises are an important step, but lawmakers still need to address the prosecutor shortage across the state.

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