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Assignment: Education - There's an App for That!

Mobile Access to Student Information System

Galesville, WIS. -- Many of these students typically keep up with assignments and class projects by jotting down due dates or relying on their memory.

"It was usually either in my school planner or off the top of my head," said Matthew Grubb, G-E-T 8th grader.

But now, they have a new way to keep track of their school work right at their finger tips.

"We have a PowerSchool App that works with our student information system that's called Powerschool," said Allene Horton, instructional technology coordinator for the G-E-T School District.


PowerSchool is an online program which allows students and parents to keep track of things like assignments, grades and lunch money. The district has used the program since 2004, but the App became available in February. And it's growing in popularity.

"For kids, they've got that devise that's in their pocket," said Horton. "They've always got access to the information 24/7. It doesn't matter where they are. As long as they have wireless access, or if they have a smartphone, they have access to it 24/7."

"I usually monitor my grades and my attendance. If I'm missing assignments," said Grubb.

And the app works the same for parents who are also trying to keep up with their child's progress in school.

"I thought the computer was pretty slick and very convenient," said Lisa Mayer, parent of a G-E-T student. "But once I got the App on my iPad, it's wonderful. It's even easier."

And for Mayer, having quick access to the PowerSchool Program has helped deepen the conversations she has with her son about his school work.

"I can change the conversation I have with him because it's not, 'well, did you get this algebra done or did you get this done.' The conversation that we have is more like, 'oh, I see that you did this experiment. What was your favorite part of it,' said Mayer."

And parents say the program also increases communication with the school, too.

"We've always had great teachers at G-E-T, and it's really nice to have another way to communicate with parents and get parents involved," said Mayer.

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