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Assignment: Education - Logan Investment Club

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- "I don't know anything about finance," said Krista Greengrass, Logan High School senior.

"I had no idea how to budget or write a check even," said Charlie Bakalars, Logan High School senior.

So, these students decided to invest some time in learning about their money by taking an elective Personal Finance class. As a part of this class, students will now get to take part in the new Investment Club.

"We thought what better way to get a great number of students involved in this by keeping it as part of the curriculum which is tied right into what we do anyway," said Rick Klein, Logan High School business education teacher.

The students in personal finance have always been taught short-term investing skills.


"We've always had these short term games that the students love," said Klein, but I always felt weird. It was almost like it was day trading; like a student would buy a stock and they'd see it go up and they'd want to quick sell it. And I felt that really wasn't what we should be educating our students on."

So now, thanks to a 15-hundred dollar grant, the Investment Club is teaching students how to prepare for retirement by showing them how to research and invest real money in stocks and mutual funds.

"We're doing, of course, earnings per share," said Klein. "We're talking about dividends. We're talking about the one year target price. But more importantly we want them to do some research . So, we have them looking up different articles to find out from top stock brokers around the nation is this a good buy in the long term, and why?"

The students in the investment club started by researching 50 different stocks. Their findings will help them determine how many shares and which stocks to buy with their $1,500 dollars.

"Does that put a little pressure on us? Yeah," said Klein. "Because this is real money. So, we would love to be able to make this grow and have this for years and years to come."

If this group of students is successful, future personal finance classes will be able to bank on the same long-term investing curriculum.

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