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Area driver's education instructor arrested for OWI

Deborah Larson cited for OWI 1st offense in Whitehall

Area driver's education instructor arrested for OWI

WHITEHALL, Wis. (WKBT) - A Whitehall police officer arrested a driver's education instructor for OWI (1st offense) on Sunday morning.

The Whitehall Police Department said Deborah Larson, of Independence, was driving a "student driver" car when she weaved all over the road and crossed the yellow center line multiple times Sunday at about 8:10 a.m.

A police officer followed Larson as she pulled into a Kwik Trip parking lot at Dewey and Park Streets where four juveniles approached the driver and began talking to her. The officer assumed they were to be picked up for driving lessons by Larson.

The officer then approached her and asked if she had been drinking, according to the police report. Larson told the officer "she had a glass of wine with her supper last night but has not had a drink since."

Larson said she takes medications each morning and one has codeine in it, which she said may have been the reason for her behavior.

After performing a field sobriety test, Larson was arrested and cited for OWI. Her preliminary breath test was a .108.

The officer explained to the students and parents waiting in the Kwik Trip parking lot that Larson would not be able to instruct them for Sunday's driver's education.

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