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Arcadia marching band practices outside in snow and ice


ARCADIA, Wis. -- For many high school marching bands, this is the time of year spent inside practicing. Not for the Arcadia band.

Members are  marching outside in the elements. Why would they do this? It's to prepare themselves for the St. Paul Winter Carnival Torchlight Parade coming up this weekend.

This will be the second time the band will march in that parade. It gives band students the chance to entertain and spend a weekend in the Twin Cities with their friends.

So marching outside in the cold is an easy sell for their band director. "Amazingly, it takes no convincing.  They're excited.  They've been talking about it for weeks that they were going to get out here and march in the Winter when there's snow on the ground.  There's just something about being out here when you shouldn't be that makes it fun for them," says band director Sam Ruud.

The Arcadia band first marched in the Winter Carnival Torchlight Parade two-years ago when La Crosse's Oktoberfest Torchlight Parade was cancelled because of bad weather.

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