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Annual 'Rebuilding for Learning' summit takes place in La Crosse

Event brings people together to talk about education

Annual 'Rebuilding for Learning' summit takes place in La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - City, school, and community leaders came together at the annual "Rebuilding for Learning" summit in La Crosse Tuesday to make sure our kids have everything they need to be successful.

The 200 people there discussed how to best create a responsive community to youth and families during trauma. Attendees said challenges outside of school can really limit the amount of success students have while in school.

"This whole effort is really about taking those 20 percent of those kids who might be falling through the cracks and what can we do as a community, city-county-school district to make a better future for those kids," said La Crosse Director of Planning Larry Kirch.

"We're trying to make sure both city-county and school district are capable of dealing with some of those issues with the youth, so that the secondary issues don't come about," said UW-Extension Community Resource Educator Karl Green.

Tuesday's summit wasn't just about getting everyone the tools they need. It was also a chance to network with people better fit for certain situations.

"It's also about bringing our community together. We're all in this together, we need to work with one another to really find the answers to support these children and also the families around them," said School District of La Crosse Superintendent Randy Nelson.

This was the fourth year of the summit.

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