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An iPad for every La Crosse middle school student?

LA CROSSE, WI - Students are no longer looking for the coolest trapper keeper to bring to school. They want the next generation of gadgets.

The La Crosse School District is working on getting an iPad in the hands of all middle school students.

A 7th grade teacher at Longfellow Middle School says it's the latest and greatest gadget for students, especially because it keeps everything in one place.

Students have access to assignments, lectures, and videos both in class and after they go home.

And a perk for parents is it cuts down on school supply costs. "And so the trapper keepers and all the pencils and the folders and all those calculators, all those materials parents used to have to go and buy, they no longer have to do that because it's all encased in one spot," said Longfellow teacher Jeanne Halderson.

One report says the cost of school supplies is going up nearly 7.5%.


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